Benny Howard: Beyond the Stereotype


Benny Howard may be better known as a surfer, but we had the chance to spend some time with him at his nine-to-five as a truck driver. You probably picture a grizzled, middle-aged man with a love for cigs and fast food but Benny defies this stereotype. At half the age of your average driver, and a sideline career as a pro surfer, Benny’s carved out a unique path for himself in the industry hauling livestock and other freight up and down the East Coast of Australia.

Growing up in Port Macquarie, Benny ejected from high school to work for his family's company, C&C Howard. There, he gained experience driving and maintaining a fleet of trucks, including his beloved 1981 White Road Boss. Despite his reservations about some aspects of truck culture, Benny has set his sights on reaching the top of the trucking industry and becoming a road-train driver, a position known for commanding the highest level of respect in the field.

As a surfer and trucker, Benny has combined two seemingly disparate passions into a rewarding career in an industry that is vital to the functioning of our country, even if it often goes unrecognised. And with his determination to succeed as a road-train driver, it is clear that he is not afraid to chase his dreams and break the mould.



Images by Nick Green


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