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Amelia Hancock is an independent self-taught jeweller. The local craftswoman’s passion for her field, commitment to her philosophy and hunger to continually evolve her creative methods has seen her hand-crafted pieces fast become favourites of the region and beyond. We caught up with Amelia at her recently-opened Cooks Hill storefront where we got a unique glance into her process and some of her latest work.

Born-and-raised in the Hunter region, Amelia began studying fashion design before shifting her focus to moulding metal. Her interest in jewellery was sparked by a desire to create something that could hold sentimental value for a long time, inspired by her own favourite pieces that were either gifted to her or passed down from family members.

Amelia got herself familiar with the tools of the trade by attending regular sessions at the Lapidary Club in Adamstown before embarking on a journey of self-education. While trial and error were big parts of her learning process, Amelia credits her drive and the development of her skillset to regularly engaging with like-minded creatives of the region.

Her desire to learn from those around her has fostered a focus on building collaborative spaces. From running stalls with friends in the early days at Adamstown markets, to co-founding Maker Store & Studio on Parry Street to her new space ‘a. Atelier’ in Cooks Hill, Amelia’s business philosophy is clearly ingrained in the desire to build a community around her work and encouraging an environment where inspiration runs both ways.

When it comes to the creative process, Amelia is the first to admit that there is no correct formula and that ideas for new pieces can come from any number of sources. She notes that the real magic often comes from late nights tinkering away in the studio – living by the notion that she works best by not giving into the pressure of always needing to produce something new.

When asked how it feels to see a piece of hers become such a meaningful part of a complete stranger’s life, Amelia assures us that it’s a humbling experience that fills her with gratitude – something that makes all the ups and downs of running a small business worth it.

And when it comes to rewarding herself after a big day in the studio, Amelia has only one local haunt in mind – The Oriental Hotel in Cooks Hill.

Learn more about Amelia and her work here.



 Images by Tom Hoy


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